Today we introduce a very special wine: Sierra Salinas. This winery, owned by MGWines Group and located in Villenta (Alicante), has one of the sweetest landscapes in south-eastern Spain.

It is a winery with incredible landscapes, but it also includes the most innovative building that houses the winery. Its design is based on functionality and conceived to meet all the essential needs: thermal insulation and racking for transferring the wines.

Thanks to the subterranean barrel room, thermal insulation occurs naturally, whereas racking is not done with a pump, due to the winery building’s three floors the grape begins its transformation as it descends a level. Located on the upper floor is the winemaking area, the second floor is for pressing and the basement is the area for bottling and ageing.

All this process results in the production of wines aged in French oak barrels and where each shows a different blend, but have a common grape variety: Monastrell. But we’ll talk about their wines another day. Today we leave you with a small preview of what you can find in the wine cellar, in the form of images.

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