U.S wine bloggers: Their visit to MGWines Group.


Last week, a group of U.S wine bloggers visited us and our cellars. They came to visit three of them, the three on the most prominent Spanish wine regions. We all we lived a wonderful experience together.

Pretty consciuos of the importance of their opinion in the wine sector, we wanted them to meet our cellars and wineries. We wanted them to be part of our uniqueness and we wanted to share with them our passion for what we do. They came, we enjoyed and together we created memories, feelings and emotions. Eventually, all these experiences will be shared online and somehow we will contribute to the diffusion of the wine experience all over the world.

As James Melendez pointed on his blog: James Guy Wine, Spain is known for its traditional varieties of wines, but very few are conscious of the so much notoriety that new varieties are taken not only at a national level but at an international one. He mentioned Mira Salinas 2010, a wine makes of a new variety, Monastrell and that is produced in one of our cellars. He described this wine as“a wine with a great depth of silken texture, not falshy but confident”

On her regard, Melaine Ofenlock, a recognized expert in marketing and a wine blogger, said that MGWines Group, although is a recently created group of wineries, has an incredible value and is coming to revolutionize the sector.

We want to thank the visit to them. We are so happy for the opportunity of sharing our uniqueness and passion for wine. Wait to see you son! ¡Salud! #olewinos.


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