When did your interest in wine first develop?

I was working as an agricultural engineer in 2003 with another engineer who was very interested in vineyards and wine, and she really got me interested in it, so that I took post-graduate courses in oenology at the Miguel Hernández University in Elche.

Which part of your job as oenologist do you most enjoy?

Basically the harvesting, because it’s exciting to think about making the new wine, the result of a lot of hard work throughout the year.

Which grape variety do you prefer, and why?

I like the native varieties that are used in each region. We have to protect our native varieties. It is great to see the results of each region of Spain when they work with these varieties. (Garnacha Tíntorera in Almansa, Mencía in Galicia, Monastrell in Jumilla, Listan Prieto in Tenerife…)

What do you like most about the Bodegas Venta La Vega Territorio Ecológico Project?

The enthusiasm of the people working on it, we are all young and highly-trained. We work hard as a team, all together, and we are all passionate about our work. We all believe in the Garnacha Tintorera variety and we are working to create wines that express the character of the variety and of this estate.

What can you tell us about the wines from Bodegas Venta La Vega Territorio Ecológico for 2018?

It was a very hot, dry year, but it rained more in the Almansa region than in other parts of the country, and we hope that the wines from this harvest that will appear in spring will give us a few more clues, but our feelings from the grape harvest and fermentation is that these wines will have less body but will be more balanced, longer and express the variety more clearly.

We will see how they develop over time, but the important thing is that it was a clean year and the grapes were processed when they were just ripe, in a few months we will see the real potential of this year’s vintage.

What makes the wines from Bodegas Venta La Vega Territorio Ecológico special? 

The name itself “Venta la Vega” is a 100% ecological estate run by a highly professional and committed group of people. The most popular variety is the Garnacha Tintorera, the treasure of this area, with clay and limestone soils from the hills here that make this land different.

A food pairing that never fails.

In this region (Almansa), the gazpacho of La Mancha with any of our Ternarios and Adaras Huella range.

What kind of person do you prefer to share a glass of wine with?

Anyone who is as keen as I am about wine, or if not an expert, at least someone who can enjoy a glass of wine.

What is your ideal moment to enjoy a glass of wine?

Whenever you are with people who like wine is a good time. It’s a pleasure to share your impressions with people, and for them to say what they feel and think about what they are drinking. It’s great to drink wine with character, the ones which really express the place where they were made.

Your favourite time of year in the vineyard?

Maybe the harvest time, because that is when you see the result of the work throughout the year. The goal of the entire year is to ensure that the plant is balanced, and this is when you see whether all the work you did, from the pruning to the picking, has been correct.

But I also love to see the vines in autumn, once the grapes have been collected, and the plant starts to transfer its resources from the leaves to the roots. The Garnacha Tintoreras start to turn deep red, making the fields look lovely when the wine has been made and everything has calmed down.

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