In 2003, Bodegas Casa Corredor was born with the sole purpose to produce high quality wines. Cabernet 2010 is found amongst these wines. A wine whose crianza ageing process is 12 months and comprised of a unique red variety with a fruity taste that speaks for itself.


Said wine is comprised of a well-known red variety: Cabernet. A first sight, this wine has a lively, clean and concentrated appearance, featured in a cherry red colour of medium intensity. The wine’s fruity aroma reminiscent of plum, currant and with spicy touches from the barrel such as pepper, cloves and bay leaf.

If we pay attention to the taste, we discover a fresh and smooth intensity, easy to drink and well-balanced. With an aftertaste of fresh fruit, Casa Corredor’s Cabernet 2010 is a very special wine that will accompany you in your fondest memories.

Have you tasted this wine? What do you think?

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