The Management of MGWines Group establishes, declares and undertakes a permanent commitment to quality, food safety, respect for the environment within the framework of sustainability and social responsibility towards stakeholders in the ordinary course of its business.

The basic philosophy is to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers by exercising its work safely, respecting the environment, with the greatest possible quality and applying innovative techniques and methods whenever possible. Therefore, for MGWines Group the principles of its commitments are as follows:

  • Continuous improvement is a standard feature at all levels of the company.
  • Active protection of health and safety of its employees and facilities is promoted and applied as a basic principle for the execution of its activities.
  • The legislation in force in all those aspects relating to occupational health and safety, quality, the environment and food safety is complied with.
  • The final quality of the service rendered is the result of the planned and systematised prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement actions carried out during the process of executing the work.
  • To establish the standard of quality of our services, meeting the contractual requirements with our customers and our own organisation’s internal quality standards is crucial.
  • All the employees of MGWines Group are responsible for the quality of their work.
  • We encourage the development of innovative ideas among our employees that allow us to obtain new products and technologies and improve production processes by contributing competitive advantages for the company.
  • The employees responsible for the Comprehensive Management System (CMS, or SIG for its acronym in Spanish) are responsible for launching and documenting this Policy and maintaining the Comprehensive Management System within the organisation, to measure and supervise the company’s performance.
  • The Management of MGWines Group undertakes to provide the material and human resources to train and raise the awareness of the teams at the organisation as regards the Policy of the company’s Comprehensive Management System.
  • The Management will ensure the Policy of the Comprehensive Management System is conveyed to and upheld by all the employees, suppliers, subcontractors and customers.
  • This Policy is publicly available, is part of the general policy of MGWines Group and must be assumed by the entire organisation to guarantee our customers continuous improvement in our services.


To put these guidelines into practice, MGWines Group promotes communication and training among its employees at all levels and has made this declaration of intent publicly available. This Policy is fulfilled through all the activities described by its Comprehensive Management System.