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The winery is located in Sierra Salinas, hence its name, a privileged enclave bathed by landscapes of incomparable beauty. The winery is surrounded by a total of 92 hectares where almond trees, olive trees and vineyards coexist in harmony on the slopes that are located 650-680 meters above sea level. Today 52 hectares of vineyards are destined to the cultivation of the vine, of which 42 they are of grape monastrell in glass with ages of more than 30 years and 10 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, Alicante Bouschet and Petit Verdot, planted in system of trellis and glass.

Sierra Salinas

Mira Salinas


Sierra Salinas

MO Salinas Monastrell

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Sierra Salinas

Puerto Salinas Blanco


Sierra Salinas

Puerto Salinas Tinto


Sierra Salinas

Salinas 1237