Bodegas Sierra Salinas: Best Alicante Wines

It was in 2006, after five years of preparation, when the project of Bodegas Sierra Salinas became a reality with the opening by the Castaño family of a winery which is a true reflection of technology.

A unique land and a privileged place are the aspects that make Bodegas Sierra Salinas one of the wineries with one of the sweetest landscapes of southeast Spain becoming in 2013 property of MGWines Group.

This privileged location means that the building of the winery is a fantastic vantage point where wine lovers are enthralled by the scenic beauty of the area.

Facilities born of innovation and technology

The outstanding factor of Bodegas Sierra Salinas is its process of production and the uniqueness of its building, which is designed to take advantage of the gravity of the wine racking , without the need for electric pumps.

In addition, its under-room filled by French oak barrels , allows to obtain a thermal insulation , which causes the creation of very special wines.


José Ramón Gago
Oenologist in Bodegas Sierra Salinas

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Bodegas Sierra Salinas has acquired quality certificate IFS-2015/0047

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Vineyards with their own personality

The winery is located in Sierra Salinas, hence its name, a privileged enclave with landscapes of an incomparable beauty. The winery is surrounded by a total of 92 hectares where almond trees, olive trees and vineyards coexist in harmony on the slopes that are located 650-680 meters above sea level.

Today 52 hectares of vineyards are destined to the cultivation of the vine, of which 42 are of Monastrell grape in glass with ages over 30 years and 10 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, Alicante Bouschet and Petit Verdot, planted in system of trellis and glass.

Awards Bodegas Sierra salinas

1237 2012
  • 93 puntos. Guía Peñín.
1237 2010 (DO Alicante)
  • 92 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
 1237 2006 (DO Alicante)
  • Best Wine from Spain in Netherlands. Top 100 Wines from Spain.
Puerto Salinas 2011 (DO Alicante)
  • 91 puntos. Guía Peñín.
Puerto Salinas 2010 (DO Alicante)
  • Commended Medal. Decanter 2013.
Puerto Salinas 2009 (DO Alicante)
  • 92 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
Puerto Salinas 2007 (DO Alicante)
  • Gold Medal. Premios Cofradía Reino de la Monastrell.
Puerto Salinas 2005 (DO Alicante)
  • 91 puntos. Peñín’s Guide. The Best Wines from Spain.
Puerto Salinas 2004 (DO Alicante)
  • Gold Medal. Mundus Vini Awards. Germany (OIV).
Mira Salinas 2011 (DO Alicante)
  • 90 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
  • 92 puntos. Guía Peñín.
Mira Salinas 2005 (DO Alicante)
  • 93 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
Mira Salinas 2004
  • Gold Medal. Mundo Vini Awards. Germany. (OIV).
MO Salinas Monastrell (DO Alicante)
  • Supervino 2016.
  • Supervino 2017.
MO Salinas 2013 (DO Alicante)
  • 90 puntos. Guía Peñín.
MO Salinas 2011 (DO Alicante)
  • Bronze Medal. Decanter 2013.
MO Salinas 2010 (DO Alicante)
  • Bronze Medal. Decanter 2013.

Unique wines, incredible flavors

This series of innovations allows Bodegas Sierra Salinas to produce very exclusive wines with an excellent quality , where the wine lover will appreciate unique flavors and aromas . 1237, Mira Salinas, Mo Salinas, and Puerto Salinas in its white and red variety are examples of complex, delicate and excellent flavored wines.


Sierra Salinas

Puerto Salinas Tinto


Sierra Salinas

Salinas 1237

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Sierra Salinas

Puerto Salinas Blanco


Wine Tourism Sierra Salinas

Come upon the unique essence of Sierra Salinas
(Wine Tourism in Alicante)

The landscapes and the curious process of elaboration make Sierra Salinas a place worthy of being visited by wine lovers.

For this reason it offers the possibility to visit the winery and its surroundings, discovering the history of the winery and the uniqueness that surrounds it.

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Bodegas Sierra Salinas

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