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Bodegas Estefanía is a very special winery that was established in 1999 when the FRIAS family decided to recover an old creamery located in the village of Dehesas, in Ponferrada (León). In 2014, it forms part of the MGWines Group. The name of its main Brand, Tilenus, was taken from the primitive god “Teleno”, the Celtic god of war and equivalent to the Roman god Mars. The reason for naming the wine Tilenus was to pay tribute to that golden years of the Roman era in the Bierzo, which began to exploit the rich gold mines of the Médulas.

Present day, this era is etched on the wine labels with a roman coin that was found in one of the vineyards. All this has led to a winery that produces exclusive wines in a traditional way, very carefully selecting each grape.

Facilities that unveil the secrets of winemaking

Bodegas Estefanía has a production winery that was built combining materials such as slate, stone and wood, praising the area’s traditional architecture. Each production phase has been prepared in a specific way, monitoring the temperature, moisture and light.

In the case of the barrel room, this has around one thousand Bordeaux barrels, manufactured by the most prestigious barrel-making cooperage firms, mostly French oak.


Raúl Pérez
Oenologist in Bodegas Estefanía

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El Bierzo, the witness of incredible wines

Slate house roofs, a wandering pilgrim on route to Santiago de Compostela and landscapes of unparalleled beauty. This is El Bierzo, an enclave where you can find Bodegas Estefania. In this valley bordered by mountains between León, Galicia and Asturias, 40 hectares of century old vines, surrounded by the silence of nature.

A land marked by a continental climate of a clear Atlantic influence, which keeps a moisture balance due to the Atlantic climate from Galicia, and dry, coming from Castile. These climates, along with its landscape and its minerally and clayey soils, produce a very special grape: Mencia, a red grape of excellent quality.

Awards Bodegas Lavia

Tilenus Pagos de Posada 2009 (Mencía)
  • 92 puntos. Guía Peñín.
Tilenus Pagos de Posada 2006 (Mencía)
  • 92 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
Tilenus Pagos de Posada 2005 (Mencía)
  • 93 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
  • 94 puntos. Wine International.
Tilenus Pagos de Posada 2001 (Mencía)
  • 92 puntos. International Wine Cellar. Stephen Tanzer.
  • Gold Medal. Challenge International du Vins.
Tilenus Godello 2015 (Mencía)
  • 90 puntos. Guía Peñín.
Tilenus La Florida 2008 (Mencía)
  • 91 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
Tilenus Godello 2013 (Mencía)
  • 90 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
Tilenus Pieros 2007 (Mencía)
  • 91 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
  • 93 puntos. Guía Peñín.
Tilenus Pieros 2002 (Mencía)
  • Gold Medal. International Wine & Spirits Contest.
Tilenus 2012 (Mencía)
  • 90 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
Tilenus Roble 2010 (Mencía)
  • 90 puntos. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.

Bierzo Wines

From the outset, this small winery decided to produce mono-varietal wines with personality, they were able to convey the essence of the old vineyards of El Bierzo. These wines have won international and national acknowledgements, which is the case of Tinto Pagos de Posada, a wine that has been rated with 93 points in the Parker score.

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Tilenus Vendimia



Tilenus Godello



Tilenus Pieros


Wine Tourism in Bodegas Estefanía

Let yourself be seduced by the magical Bierzo

Bodegas Estefanía offers different types of activities where the visitor gets involved by the charm of the winery, its wines and discover the magical secrets that await in their land.

In it, you will be able to know a little bit about the history of the Bierzo and the native variety Mencía , as well as visit the facilities of the winery and its vineyards.

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Bodegas Estefanía

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    Cta. de Dehesas a Posada del Bierzo,
Ponferrada (León)

   +34 987 420 015

 Winery opening hours:
Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 13.30 and from 16:00 to 18:30

  Visiting hours:
Monday through Saturday. Mornings and holidays.
Weekend: Request a phone appointment.

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