Finca La Lagunilla: Organic Sucada Olive Oil

Finca La Lagunilla is committed to the promotion of organic farming through its olive tree crops and the marketing of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sucada, obtained from the arbequina olive variety.

Fields bathed in arebequina olive trees

Finca La Lagunilla SL has lands bathed in olive groves in the area of La Compuerta in the municipality of Villena (Alicante). These lands are very important for the production of olive oil for Finca La Lagunilla, S.L., a company that develops efficient farming, environmentally friendly and with reduced agro-environmental impact.

We are talking about the arbequina variety olive trees, an olive that is resistant to this Mediterranean township’s typical low temperatures in winter and warm weather in summer.

Facilities based on organic agriculture

Finca La Lagunilla’s olive groves are grown based on organic farming. Therefore, natural resources are used and the use of chemical products have been banned from farm work with crops.

Organic fertilizers are used and herbicides have been replaced by mechanical or manual weeding.

These particular conditions allow for the production of a natural oil that enhances flavours and provides an alternative perspective of an excellent quality wine.


Finca La Lagunilla has obtained quality certificate IFS-2015/0047

See certificate IFS

Sucada Oil, a fusion of unique aromas

SUCADA oil is an Extra Virgin olive oil that is directly extracted from the olive by mechanical procedures based on organic and efficient farming.

The arbequina variety gives it a fruity, fresh scent, with aromas of almonds and other fruits and slightly bitter.

It is therefore a harmonious, smooth, light and delicate oil where you can discover exotic aromas.


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