Luis Miñano, MGWines Group Preseident
Luis Miñano, MGWines Group President

I am aviator by birth and winemaker by vocation. I started out as a
helicopter pilot and since then I have been involved in this industry in
one way or another. Apart from flying, the countryside, land and
agriculture have always been my other passions and a constant part of
my life. Therefore, my family and a small but valuable group of friends
decided to launch a new project seven years ago with those who
continue to enjoy this passion. My career as a winemaker was born
along with MGWines Group, a family business currently comprising six
unique wineries where we produce various unique wines.

Casa Corredor, Bodegasa Sierra Salinas, Bodegas Lavia, Bodegas
Estefanía, Bodegas Monóvar, along with the latest addition, Bodegas y
Viñedos Venta La Vega, form the MGWines Group.  They all share a
unique location in privileged surroundings, growing 30 year old
varieties, organically farmed and producing top quality wines

Our latest challenge is to recover Fondillón. Bodegas Monóvar
treasures century-old barrels that hold emblematic reserves of this
great wine, which will soon see the light again. We have set ourselves
a goal, that this unique and undoubtedly singular wine, recovers the
place it should always have had.

This web site aims to be an open window to bring this wine and the
remainder of our wines to wine lovers who surf the net. So that
whoever has not yet discovered them can try them out. And that those
who already have, can continue enjoying them in their own homes.


Luis Miñano.
MGWines Group President.

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